QBO New Features May 2024

QBO New Features May 2024

In this episode of the Unofficial QuickBooks Accountants Podcast, Hector and Alicia break down the major updates to QuickBooks Online announced in Intuit's May 2024 "In the Know" webinar and "Firm of the Future" article. They discuss new features such as special pricing for switching from QuickBooks Desktop Payroll to QBO Payroll, integrations with inventory and agriculture software, using items in bank feed transactions, and bulk editing of categorized transactions. Hector and Alicia also talk about Intuit's new weekly "In the Know" content hub and additional updates like customer invoice reminders, invoicing via text, and journal entry batch imports.

  • (00:00) - Welcome to The Unofficial QuickBooks Accountants Podcast
  • (03:37) - QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Phase-Out Details
  • (07:49) - New Integrations and Partnerships
  • (11:31) - Recertification Season for ProAdvisors
  • (13:56) - QuickBooks Live Strategy and Expert Assist
  • (17:05) - QuickBooks Bill Pay
  • (25:24) - Granular Permissions for QuickBooks Online Accountants
  • (28:50) - Introduction to Intuit's Acronyms
  • (29:04) - New Features in QuickBooks Bank Feeds
  • (30:26) - Splitting Transactions and Sales Receipts
  • (33:29) - Bulk Reclassification and Categorization
  • (36:17) - In The Know Hub and QuickBooks Updates
  • (39:03) - Customer Reminders and Text Message Invoicing
  • (40:55) - Controversial QuickBooks Checking Fees
  • (44:11) - Upcoming Time Tracking Features
  • (44:42) - What's New With Hector and Alicia and Thanks for Listening

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Creators and Guests

Alicia Katz Pollock, MAT
Alicia Katz Pollock, MAT
Alicia Katz Pollock, MAT is the CEO at Royalwise Solutions, Inc.. As a Top 50 Women in Accounting, Top 10 ProAdvisor, and member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network, Alicia is a popular speaker at QuickBooks Connect and Scaling New Heights. She has a Master of Arts in Teaching, with several QuickBooks books on Amazon. Her Royalwise OWLS (On-Demand Web-based Learning Solutions) at learn.royalwise.com is a NASBA CPE-approved QBO and Apple training portal for accounting firms, bookkeepers, and business owners.
Hector Garcia, CPA
Hector Garcia, CPA
Hector Garcia,CPA is the Principal Accountant Quick Bookkeeping & Accounting LLC, a globally-serving Technology-Accounting firm based in Miami, FL (USA), specializing in QuickBooks Consulting, but also providing traditional accounting services such as: Bookkeeping, Payroll Processing, Tax Return Preparation, and General Business Advisory. He has over 10 years of experience working with small business finance and accounting, along with 3 Post-graduate degrees from Florida International University (FIU) in Accounting, Finance and Taxation.